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Projects produced to help clients communicate their brands

Health Care Clients

Best of Care: Brand Video Development for Company Website

“The video Mathieu Marketing created for our company’s website has been viewed widely by each of our audience segments. The video resides on our homepage and serves as a warm, welcoming introduction to all visitors. In fact, the video – equal parts testimonial and brand messaging – helped us announce that we have expanded our services territory to Cape Cod. The reaction to the video has been extremely positive. The quality of Sheri’s work is a reflection of her easy, friendly approach. I have no doubt that she will be a part of our continued growth and evolution.”


                                                           - Kevin Smith

                                                             President & Chief Operating Officer

                                                             Best of Care, Inc.

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Apex Healthcare: Promotional Video & Website Development

“Mathieu Marketing’s photography and video footage of our clients and employees is a compilation of beautiful images, telling our story.  Our brand video, housed on our website, is an example of her ability to showcase a company in a genuine way. We have seen an incredible jump in the number of clients because of increased traffic to our website, in the first 6 months of posting the production.” 


                                                           - Cheryl Rumley RN

                                                             President & CEO

                                                             Apex Healthcare Services, Inc. 

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Chapter 126, Sports & Fitness Center: Video for TV & Broadcast, Recruitment Materials
Center for Relationships and Sexuality: Educational & Training Videos 

 “I have worked with Sheri and Mathieu Marketing on several projects over the years, most notably a project involving two educational/promotional videos showcasing information and resources from our agency. Our work is highly specialized, with sensitive material to a niche market, so respect, understanding and discretion is of the utmost importance to us...She tackled this head-on and guided us through the project with her grace, humor, and expertise. Our finished production has become a useful tool to showcase our work and is a great source of pride for our department. We couldn’t have done it without Mathieu Marketing, and I look forward to our continued work together in the future.”


                                                                               - Katie Hanley


                                                                                 Center for Relationship & Sexuality Education

VNA of Southern Worcester County: Web Development and Public Relations

“We think our new website is very polished, professional, easy to navigate and consumer friendly! We are excited about working with Sheri again on our next marketing project. She helped us win the $120,000 Google Grant for non-profits this year, we intend to put that to good use with a new online ad campaign to draw in people who are searching for our home care services on the Internet.”

                                    - Jacklyn Fleming
                                      Visiting Nurse Association of Southern Worcester County, Inc

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Non-Profits Clients

CT Historical Society: Brand Video Development for Web & Social Media

"The final video production is always professional and effective, hitting all the right tones and precisely projecting the CT Historical Society’s brand... We will definitely continue to use Mathieu Marketing for our video production needs.”


                                                            - Jody Blankenship

                                                              Executive Director

                                                              Connecticut Historical Society

Oak Hill: Annual Reports, Fundraising  Support, Anniversary Video, Website Development 
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"Mathieu Marketing takes a strategic approach to each of our projects and the end product is always exceptional... Over the last 15 years, Sheri’s projects have made a significant impact on both the marketing and fundraising efforts of Oak Hill...She has embraced our mission and is constantly looking for ways to expand our reach and raise awareness of our programs and services. Any company would be fortunate to have her as a resource/partner.”


                                                           - Ruth C. Hayes

                                                             Chief Development & Communications Officer

                                                             Oak Hill

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The Humanitarian Helpers: Documentary of Humanitarian Aide on the Mexico Border 

“Mathieu Marketing’s documentary about the migrants on the Mexican border town of Nogales helped raise awareness about the number of people who perish each year in the Sonoran Desert trying desperately to make a better living in the U.S. Sheri’s images captured the essence of the humanitarian aide helpers, teaching the migrants about basic human rights… so they can seek lives of dignity and worth.”


                                                       - Mary Jane Picone

                                                         Humanitarian Aide Helper

                                                         Nogales, Mexico

Montville Public Schools  &  West Hartford Public Schools Recruitment Videos

Business-to-Business Clients


Morrow & Company: Corporate Governance & Proxy Advisory Firm: Company Brochure








“Our company image brochure professionaly depicts our core offerings and communicates our brand message — that Morrow Sets the Course for its clients.”


                                 -Tracie Vicki,                                                                                                 Morrow & Company, LLC

                                  Corporate Governance & Proxy Advisory Firm

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COCC: Corporate Brand Imagery for Annual Reports and Website

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