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Consider us partners, a team customized to suit your needs 


We are a team of collaborators. Instead of staffing up and working in cubicles, we bring together talented independent designers, writers, programmers, videographers and PR specialists, customized to suit your specific needs. 


This helps us to help you:

  • Bring highly specialized talent to match your needs

  • Scale up projects rapidly, when necessary

  • Manage demanding delivery schedules

  • Reap the benefits of a full service agency with more affordable pricing

Meet the Team

Principal & Owner

Sheri Mathieu

With over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry, Sheri leads the team of designers, writers, videographers and programmers to help companies tell their brand stories through online and traditional marketing channels. Her long-term client relationships average between 5 and 10 years because they are rooted in a collaborative, hands-on approach. All strategic market planning and creative development initiatives begin with pre-determined business and marketing objectives. This helps clients arrive at practical solutions with measurable results. 








Personal passion: Collecting heart rocks…over 100 and counting in her collection. 


Brigitte Soucy


As an artist, creativity and quality designs have always been cornerstones for Brigitte. Influenced by her passion to transform any clients' need into 

smart solutions, she immerses herself into each design project with the same intensity.


Brigitte’s attention to detail and her inventive design solutions to real-world business assignments make her a valuable team player for Mathieu Marketing. Over the years, she's gained experiences in the corporate and mid-size business arenas with a special focus in the financial, insurance, health care, non-profit and energy industries.








Personal passion

Horses. "There is something about the outside and inside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." Winston Churchill

 Diane Baldwin

Videographer, Photographer

Diane Baldwin has successfully collaborated with Mathieu Marketing on many video productions. Her focus is 

on telling a story in a way that engages, informs and inspires the viewer.


Diane is a photographer and digital specialist who has worked for a leading Non-profit Research Corporation in Santa Monica, CA for over a decade.


Sheri and Diane have been collaborators since they were kids in school in CT.

With the advent of Mathieu Marketing and the help of technology, they're once again putting their heads together to bring shared expertise and creativity to your projects. 








Personal Passion

Twirlin’ the flamin’ baton.

Alison Karam

Public Relations Specialist, APR

An accredited public relations counselor for over 20 years, Alison wears many hats to serve clients. Thoughtful strategist, crisis manager or creative writer...whatever the need, Alison uses her strong work ethic and can-do spirit to build bridges between people, companies and ideas.


She uses research and discovery to help clients understand their target audiences and how to communicate with them. She is past president of the Public Relations Society of America’s CT Valley Chapter. She holds a BS degree in resources management and BA degree in liberal arts writing from North Carolina State University.






Personal passion

Scuba diving  and family time.


Brian Kosnoff

 Interactive Development
& Optimization

Brian Kosnoff is a web developer and programmer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is proficient in a variety of web languages including: ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, and Jquery.


With a degree in graphic design he has an eye for how to make a website look good as well as how to make it work. Brian has a knack for finding solutions to all types of Internet and web site technical issues. He keeps Mathieu Marketing’s client web sites running both smoothly and efficiently.


Personal passion

Ultimate Frisbee

Nora Lesko

Digital Marketing Assistant

The newest addition to Mathieu Marketing, Nora brings a passion for research, social justice, and the humanities.


She earned a degree in History and Spanish from Emmanuel College in Boston and spent years volunteering in the city.  


She recently moved back to CT and is thrilled to be involved with a company where she can help individuals and groups tell stories through video and film.









Personal Passion

Time spent outdoors, singing in choir and learning the drums.

William Nawrocki, III

Technical Edito

William (Billy) Nawrocki was hired to become one of the chief video editors of a new golf-lifestyle network, BACK9NETWORK. This company found its way from a web property with viral videos to a television network in 20 million homes.


At Mathieu Marketing, Billy is a camera operator; technical editor and producer. He has amassed a great deal of experience in production — from brand videos and commercials to narrative film. 


Personal Passion

Poetry, horror films, surfing, the ocean.


Lauren Esposito

Digital Media Specialist

Lauren Esposito is a Digital Media Strategist who brings over 20 years of experience helping organizations, non-profits, and businesses increase their visibility and reach across all aspects of the digital spectrum. She recently obtained her master’s degree from Quinnipiac University in Interactive Media.


In her role at Mathieu Marketing, Lauren conducts web asset audits to map out a brand’s web and social presence; identifies opportunities for clients to use digital technology to enhance their overall marketing mix; researches, writes, and performs social media content and advertising; and defines and performs research analysis in the areas of user experience, search engine web page optimization, social media, business forecasting, market research, target segmentation, and brand strategy.


Personal passion

Spending family time, cuddling with her dog, and inhaling Michael Connelly books.

Sandy Birner

 Videographer, Photographer

With over 15 years of experience in the photo industry, Sandy has collaborated with a diverse array of clients to produce alluring visual imagery that communicates technical and emotional messages to their customers.


From engaging corporate headshots to stunning product images, she is skilled at shooting an extensive list of subject matter. Her attention to all aspects of a project, from production to artistic lighting treatments, combined with technical savvy ensures that all clients’ needs are met, which reflects in her images. 







Personal Passion
Running, family time and working hard to get that next great shot for my portfolio.

Kristina LaFountain

Content Marketing & SEO Strategist

With a degree in Communications and deep experience in content marketing, Kristina LaFountain is an online content writer and content optimization strategist for Mathieu Marketing.


Her focus is on writing quality copy that speaks to both search engines and visitors. By publishing relevant, fresh content to clients’ site and 

through various social media channels, this helps companies gain more authority with Google, online search engines and their target audiences.


Personal passion

Visiting microbreweries everywhere she goes.   


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